The average cost of a wheel alignment

Updated July 19, 2017

A wheel alignment can prevent uneven tire wear and poor gas mileage. This service is highly recommended by auto professionals and improves your car's performance. The purchase of new tires, suspension deterioration or riding over a pothole can cause your vehicle to be out of alignment. The average cost of a wheel alignment varies upon the type and location of where you get this service performed.


There are three types of wheel alignments that can affect the cost for this service: front-end, thrust angle and four-wheel. A front-end alignment adjusts the front axle's angle of the vehicle only; while a thrust angle alignment ensures the rear axle is in its proper place. The average cost of these two procedures can be between £22 and £32. A four-wheel alignment, commonly done on all-wheel-drive or front-drive vehicles is the adjustment of both the front and rear axles--the cost ranges from £39 to £52.


Location will also determine the average cost of a wheel alignment. Your city, region and state are factors in determining what you will pay for this service. In high cost of living areas, a two-wheel alignment can average £32 and a four-wheel alignment can be as high as £65. In low to moderate income areas, costs can be as little as $30 for a two-wheel alignment and $50 for a four-wheel alignment.


When getting a wheel alignment, there are a few things to consider that can affect your cost. For example, some mechanics will offer a reduced cost on this service with the purchase of tires or another type of service. Also, a wheel alignment can be offered as free or reduced when covered under a warranty plan. If you have a warranty on your vehicle, make sure it includes a wheel alignment before paying for the service.


The cost of a wheel alignment should only include labour and nothing more. Be cautious of auto repair professionals who will try to sell you a warranty with the service, which will increase the average costs listed above. Also, never pay for a four-wheel alignment when you only need a two-wheel one. Your vehicle should be examined initially by a repair shop to determine what alignment you need.


A wheel alignment is inexpensive compared with the costs of replacing worn tires on your vehicle and reduced gas mileage. Being knowledgeable of the average cost of a wheel alignment will help you to obtain a good deal whenever you need this service done.

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