How to Calculate Pence Per Mile

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Measuring pence per mile is a common indicator of a vehicle's fuel efficiency, and as such, it typically can be an important factor in evaluating the overall performance of a vehicle. Additionally, knowing a vehicle's pence per mile will enable you to reimburse the owner of a vehicle accurately if you use it to travel a long distance.

Fuel your vehicle to capacity.

Make a note of the vehicle's milometer. You need to know exactly how far you're about to travel.

Drive your vehicle as you regularly would.

Refuel the vehicle to capacity.

Record refuelling information. Write down the exact price of refuelling, and make a note of how many miles you travelled since the tank was last full. The latter can be done quickly by subtracting your milometer's previous number from its current one.

Divide the price of the refuelling by the number of miles you travelled. This will give you an accurate reading of your vehicle's pence per mile.

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