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Updated April 17, 2017

Mars, Inc., which sells products in more than 100 countries, produces over 15 million Snickers candy bars every day and earns worldwide Snickers sales of over £1.3 billion every year. The Snickers bar became one of the world's favourite candy items after its introduction many decades ago. Since 2005, that popularity has seen the Snickers bar become the biggest-selling chocolate bar of its kind in the world.


Frank Mars invented the Snickers chocolate bar in 1930. He added chocolate to an already existing snack and named it after one of his family's favourite horses.


The Snickers bar consists of a roasted peanuts and caramel mixture on top of a bar of nougat, with everything wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate.

Other Snickers Products

Aside from the regular chocolate bar, other food items have been branded with the name Snickers. Consumers can buy the two-piece king size bar, a Snickers Dark bar with dark instead of milk chocolate, a Snickers Almond bar with roasted almonds, a limited edition bar called Snickers Fudge with peanut butter instead of caramel, and ice cream with the taste of Snickers in an ice cream cone or bar or a chewy brownie.


The Snickers bar has sponsored several events. Little League Baseball, the NFL and the FLW Bass Fishing Tour (the most lucrative bass-tournament series) have all enjoyed sponsorship with the chocolate bar since 2001, and NASCAR has had a long-standing sponsorship with Snickers. Many top teams in the NFL also have signed exclusive sponsorship deals with Snickers.

The chocolate bar brand officially sponsored the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, the 1994 Soccer World Cup, the 1996 Euro soccer tournament in England, and even the popular Howdy Doody television show in 1949.


Each Snickers bar contains approximately 16 peanuts.

The marks that form on the bottom of the candy are different for each bar, and the pattern comes from the conveyor belt that the bar sits on while it's cooling.

With the release of Shrek the Third in theatres in 2007, Mars, Inc. created a limited edition version of Snickers with a green-coloured nougat layer.

In the United Kingdom in 1990, the Snickers Bar was originally called Snickers Marathon.

U.S. soldiers during the first Gulf War in 1991 received a frozen Snickers bar for Thanksgiving dinner.

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