Types of fonts for computer writing

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    Types of fonts for computer writing

    Computer fonts have developed drastically over the last decade. Just 10 years ago, a computer would come with approximately 50 fonts pre-installed. Now, there are millions of fonts available. Different fonts can be very helpful for anyone in the industry of Web design, graphic design or any creative artist in general. Fonts are often categorised by type and basic structure.

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    Serif fonts were one of the first true types of fonts released on computers. Serif fonts are easily distinguishable by their normal-looking readable letters, with accented ends. A classic example of a serif font is Times New Roman. If you take a look at the font Times New Roman, you will notice that the letters are capped at the ends with a slight accent. This is what distinguishes a font in the serif category.

    Serif font ()

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    Sans Serif

    Sans serif fonts are much like serif fonts with one exception: Sans serif fonts are straight-lettered, and feature no caps or close-offs at the ends of the letters. For example, the font you are likely reading right now, Arial, is a sans serif font. Sans serif fonts are often very plain looking with little added design. One easy way to tell the difference between serif fonts and sans serif fonts is to picture the letter "I". A sans serif font would have the letter "I" as just a straight up and down line vs a serif font, which would have the letter "I" with a top-cross bar and a bottom-cross bar.

    Sans serif font ()

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    You will notice that many fonts out there have the ending -western labelled on them. This simply means the font has an "old west" type of look to it: The name says it all. Classic old Western fonts would look very similar to a font you would see used on a sign in a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movie. A good example of a Western font is the Bleeding Cowboys font.

    Western type ()

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    Outline Fonts

    Outline fonts are another major type of font. Most commonly, outline fonts are used for headlines and areas where bigger type is needed. These fonts are easily recognisable because they are not filled in. The entire font is characterised by just the outline of a letter. One popular outline font is called Ardour.

    Outline stencil font ()

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    More Fonts

    Aside from the fonts already mentioned, there are literally millions of more fonts to choose from. Many people actually create their own fonts through an art called typography. Some other common types of fonts are 3D, Arabic, Brush, Calligraphic, Comic, Gothic, etc. Chances are you already have several hundred fonts installed on your computer. If you use word processing software such as Microsoft Word or editing software such as any Adobe program, those applications often come bundled with a ton of different fonts to choose from.

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    Where To Get Fonts

    There are hundreds of font types out there. Many of them are available completely free to you from sites such as urbanfont.com and dafont.com. Also, there are many blogs out there that are dedicated to Web designers and artists. One prime example is SmashingMagazine.com. Smashing Magazine often offers free fonts and writes reviews on the newly released fonts.

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