What are rieker antistress shoes?

Updated February 21, 2017

Rieker Antistress shoes are designed to give the wearer comfort and style, without sacrificing one for the other. Rieker shoes are available in a variety of styles, for both women and men. Because of the number of styles and colours available, wearers of Rieker can wear the shoes year-round, while enjoying the pleasure and comfort that the antistress technology affords them.

History of Rieker Antistress Shoes

In the 1800s, shoes were usually heavy, inflexible and uncomfortable. Because of this, Heinrich Rieker started his shoe company in 1874, determined to construct shoes that were lightweight and comfortable. Knowing that shoes could and should be roomy enough for the foot, and comfortable enough to walk around in, he set about inventing such a shoe. Rieker passed the ownership of his shoe company down to his sons, and it continues to be run by Rieker family members.

Antistress Design

Rieker shoes are antistress, which means that they are designed to eliminate stress on the wearer's feet. By doing this, the shoes also eliminate some stress on the joints of the legs and the back. Rieker antistress shoes are made with roomy toe boxes, so that the toes of the feet are not cramped in the shoe. Heel cups are made sturdy but soft. The soles of Rieker shoes are made to absorb the shock from walking, thus protecting the muscles and bones of the feet from feeling the impact.

Barefoot Technology

Humans were meant to walk barefoot, and it's because of this that many shoes create such painful conditions. Modern life has made walking barefoot impractical and impossible, due to things such as hard pavement and pesticides on the ground. Rieker kept this in mind when he designed his shoes to mimic a barefoot walking experience. The shoes are roomy enough to allow the foot to move and bend the way it would if it were bare, allowing the bones and muscles to be used the way they were meant to be used.


Rieker antistress shoes come in a wide variety of colour. Many of the styles the company offers are available in more than five different colours.

Rieker Antistress Shoes Styles

Rieker antistress shoes are available in a variety of styles, including sandals, fashion shoes and boots. This array of styles coupled with the many colours available means that you can walk in antistress comfort no matter what the occasion or outfit.


Rieker Antistress shoes are available in high-end department and shoe stores. If you live in a smaller city or town, however, they might not be available locally. Instead, you can purchase your Rieker Antistress shoes online. See the link in Resources below, to purchase online with free shipping and free return shipping.

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