Natural teeth cleaning solutions

Written by s.f. heron
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Natural teeth cleaning solutions
(Jonas Bergsten)

Natural teeth cleaning methods involve using all-natural products to perform the job of daily dental care. Optimum dental health involves brushing three times a day after meals and flossing every day. Dental health also includes eating a healthy diet to avoid the build-up of acids and plaque that cause tooth decay. Natural remedies for cleaning teeth are used to avoid the many chemicals used in commercial tooth cleaning products.


Whether you choose regular toothpaste or all-natural products, your teeth are still subjected to build-ups of plaque that need to be regularly cleaned from your teeth. The mouth provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that result from plaque build-up on the teeth. Cleaning your teeth regularly helps remove plaque build-up and helps limits bacteria from forming in your mouth. Doctors recommend that individuals brush after every meal for at least 2 minutes and floss once a day.


Natural teeth cleaning solutions are the choice for dental hygiene for many individuals who want to avoid the chemicals and preservatives in regular dental products. The chemicals in toothpaste can include alcohol and fluoride as well preservatives and chemical foaming agents. It's completely possible to get the same results using natural solutions from around your home or by purchasing different products that a standard tube of toothpaste.

Proper diet plays a large role in overall dental health. Healthy fruits and vegetables help limit the amount of acid available in the mouth. In addition, overall dental health is often an indicator of overall body health. Eating regularly spaced meals helps limit the build-up of acid in the stomach that can cause bad breath.

Homemade Remedies

Natural teeth cleaning solutions begin with baking soda and peroxide, two simple and common household products. Baking soda is perfectly safe to use as a light abrasive to clean the teeth and gums. Baking soda also works to reduce the acid level in the mouth caused from drinking citrus and carbonated drinks.

Hydrogen peroxide is another natural cleanser that works well to clean teeth thoroughly. Dip a toothbrush into the hydrogen peroxide and then into the baking soda to create a gentle scrub for cleaning the teeth. A simple recipe for a homemade tooth powder mixes one teaspoon each of ground sage, baking soda, and table salt. Use this in place of toothpaste. See additional resources for a link for natural teeth cleaning recipes.

Natural Remedies

Green tea has been used for years as an all-natural alternative to typical mouthwashes. The tea's natural antioxidants create an effective oral rinse that's completely safe and all natural. Anise seeds can be brewed into a drink that can be used as a dental rinse. Liquid whey is also used to cleanse the mouth as well as whiten the teeth. Sage leaves, when rubbed onto the surfaces of the teeth, clean away plaque.

An "apple a day" can also keep the dentist away. Munching on an apple naturally scours the teeth to help remove plaque. Strawberries perform the same job and also whiten the teeth. Cheese contains natural cavity-fighting agents as well as vitamins to strength the teeth and enamel. Simply rinsing the mouth after meals also helps remove the acids and sugars from food.

Commercial Solutions

All-natural tooth powders and mouth rinses are available at whole foods stores and pharmacies. Products are also available online. Many of these natural teeth-cleaning solutions are made from essential oils such as peppermint and spearmint, and powdered solutions can be mixed with water to make dental rinses too. These remedies function as natural antibacterial agents, as well as antibacterial cleansers for whole mouth health and wellness. See the Resources section for recommendations about commercial natural teeth cleaning solutions.

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