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Dog teeth cleaning without anesthesia

Updated July 19, 2017

While the price of a professional dental cleaning for your dog can cost as much as a professional cleaning for yourself, there are several ways of removing tarter and fighting plaque that do not require anesthetia or even a trip to your veterinarian.

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The Old-Fashioned way

Brush your dog's teeth one to three times a week with toothpaste specifically designed for canine consumption. Many brands offer multiple flavours, such as chicken, beef, bacon and even malt.

Clean While They Feed

Feed your dog a dental diet, such as Hill's TD or Purina Dental Health. The kibbles in these diets are larger and shaped to contour to the teeth in a way similar to a toothbrush.

PetzLife Oral Care

PetzLife currently manufactures three oral care products, two gel products and one spray. While brushing your dog's teeth is not required with the use of these products, it is recommended for dogs with extensive tarter build-up.

ProDen PlaqueOff

ProDen PlaqueOff is especially effective for healthy gums and can be added to your dog's food on a daily basis.

Multiple Angle Approach

Perhaps the best way to prevent plaque and tarter build-up is to employ several cleaning tactics at once. Feeding a dental diet in conjunction with brushing, for instance, is more effective than feeding or brushing alone.

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