Best Travel Pillows

Written by carolyn williams
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Best Travel Pillows
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When you're 10,000 feet up, that's no place to discover the travel pillow you've packed simply isn't up to the job. A good travel pillow makes for a well-rested arrival at your destination. A bad travel pillow ensures that you're stuck drowsing and popping your head up and back every five minutes.


Travel pillows have become a hot topic of conversation in most travel circles: both in person and on the internet. This is due in large part to the airlines, which have decreased service levels. The small pillow provided by the airlines is often no longer available. Or, the aircraft stocks only enough pillows to provide one pillow to every third passenger. To be comfortable these days, you need to bring your own.


Travel pillows come in many shapes and sizes. From the simple inflatable pillow to the dust-allergy repellent model covered in faux sheepskin, there's something for all travellers. The best type of travel pillow, however, is one that's versatile. That is, it provides neck support regardless of the odd position in which your head might loll. And it can be used for other things in a pinch. Most regular travellers tout the benefits of the Komfort Kollar for this reason. Sold by Magellan's, a reputable travel supply company, the pillow was developed by a specialist to best support the cervical portion of the spine.


Travel pillows can support a traveller neck, or, another critical part of the anatomy used heavily in travel--your backside. Recent changes in the airline industry have meant that planes are more crowded and seats more often used. As a result, you may find yourself in a seat that is fatigued. In that case, consider a self-inflating seat cushion that you can use to augment the sorry cushion provided by the airline.


A good travel pillow aids the traveller: it needs to be compact as well as versatile. Most better travel pillows are inflatable for this reason. While one that is an actual pillow is comfortable, it's also a space hog. And with luggage restrictions being strictly adhered to, an inflatable provides the best choice. Avoid any that are filled with water, as pressure changes may cause the pillow to overexpand and burst.


Make sure any travel pillow you purchase is sized correctly for you. If you're a slight woman, consider a child-size pillow that will likely be a better fit than a model that's sized for an average man. Be aware that while this may be a good size pillow for you, you'll likely need to make or purchase a cover.

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