Benefits of Almond Oil

Updated March 23, 2017

Almond oils are produced from sweet almonds (Prunus amygdalus) and from bitter almonds (aprunus amygdalus amara). Sweet almond oil, used as a carrier oil for blending essential oils, is beneficial for the skin, hair and has overall health advantages. It can be used as a massage oil and for aromatherapy. Bitter almonds provide culinary advantages.

History of Almond Oil

Almonds enjoy a rich history. From Greek mythology to Shakespeare and on into modern times, people have enjoyed the benefits of almonds and almond by-products. When modern day Turkey was Anatolia, people used almond oil for cooking, lighting, medicines and perfumes. Primarily, almonds provided lubricating emollients for skin. Almonds were highly prized in Asia, Persia and the Mediterranean.

Types of Almond Oils

Sweet and bitter almonds provide oils for a variety of uses, from cooking to skin care. Sweet almonds are the source of almond oil. Sweet almond oil is used as a carrier oil and as base for skin lotions. Bitter almonds produce Amaretto and cooking oil. The various oils that are produced from bitter and sweet almonds offer a beneficial and sometimes delicious array of uses.

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is used as an effective massage oil, skin and facial complexion moisturiser and hair care. Good for all skin types, sweet almond oil eases itching, soreness and dryness. Almond oil does not penetrate as deeply as other oils, which makes it a beneficial aromatherapy massage oil with its pleasant, gentle fragrance. Almond oil eases inflammation, rashes and muscle pain.


Almond oil comes with a variety of recommended uses. For hair, moisten your fingertips with several drops of almond oil. Gently massage the scalp. Sweet almond oil benefits for hair include a comforting regimen by treating the scalp and hair follicles, preventing hair loss, providing shine and strengthening hair. For skin, almond oil benefits are compatible with many skin types. You can moisturise with almond oil to ease rashes and chapped lips and skin. It soothes inflamed skin, moisturises and provides a healthy glow when used regularly. For internal health benefits, almond oil aids digestion, and many in the Indian culture claim that almond oil is an effective pain killer and an effective curative for high cholesterol.

Expert Insight

Look to other cultures for almond oil's benefits. India enjoys sweet almond oil for hair and skin. Mediterranean countries cook with almond oil from the bitter almond and, of course, nearly everyone appreciates Amaretto liqueur. If you are allergic to nuts, avoid almond oils. If considering ingesting almond oil, consult a health care practitioner.

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