Where to buy lighter life food packs

Lighter Life, based in the United Kingdom, offers consumers weight loss and weight management products in a direct-sales format. While the company touts its personal support throughout the entirety of the program, some individuals find themselves wondering just where they can obtain the special Lighter Life food packs. With some basic research, or even entrepreneurial spirit, consumers can easily purchase the products and become Lighter Life customers.

From Weight-Management Counselors

Lighter Life uses a "network marketing," or direct sales, approach to the distribution of its products. Using an approach similar to that of other network marketing companies, Lighter Life relies on a veritable army of independent sales persons, referred to within the company as "Weight-Management Counselors," to provide direct contact and support to customers. The personal service offered varies from counsellor to counsellor, as some simply sell products while others host and maintain complete weight management sessions. Customers who do not personally know a Lighter Life Weight-Management Counselor can use an intuitive look up tool on the company's website, or may simply ask an existing customer to identify a local counsellor.

From the Company Itself

If the area where a potential customer resides does not have a readily available Lighter Life Weight-Management Counselor, entrepreneurial individuals may elect to assume this position. While the company does not sell its products directly to consumers, independent weight management counsellors are in a unique position to purchase the products for both personal use and for distribution to end users. Lighter Life recommends that potential Weight-Management Counselors be energetic and self-motivated, have excellent interpersonal skills, "emotional resilience" (a term that translates to being able to handle rejection well) and, preferably, previous business experience. In exchange for these skills, Lighter Life offers its Weight-Management Counselors a branded individual business start-up, an accredited training program, flexible working hours and the potential to generate a considerable profit. Of course, one perk available to weight loss counsellors is the ability to purchase Lighter Life products directly from the company.

Online Auctions

Individuals with no local access to a Weight-Management Counselor and who do not wish to become a counsellor themselves may turn to online auction venues to purchase Lighter Life food packs. As Weight-Management Counselors throughout the United Kingdom leave the business or find themselves with excess inventory, many turn to online auction houses to unload their unsold food packs. Online auction prices for Lighter Life food packs vary, but auctioned Lighter Life products typically sell for around the same price as products from a Weight-Management Counselor (plus any applicable shipping charges). Because Lighter Life operates primarily in the United Kingdom, American consumers may resort to online auction venues to purchase the products or to set up a long-distance relationship with one of the company's Weight-Management Counselors.

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