How to Troubleshoot a Paslode Battery Nail Gun

Paslode's CF-325 is a cordless framing nailer powered by the combination of a 6-volt battery and a liquid hydrocarbon fuel cell cartridge. This technology provides freedom from air compressors and maximum portability on the jobsite. The CF-325 drives framing nails from 2-inches to 3-1/4-inches in length at a maximum rate of two to three nails per second in sequential mode. It has a one-strip, 48-nail capacity and a 50,000-nail cleaning interval. Each fuel cell drives 1,100 to 1,300 nails, and the battery drives 4,000 nails per charge. The CF-325 weighs 3.4 Kilogram and is constructed on a compact frame that fits in the standard 16-inch clearance between studs, joists and roof trusses.

Check for inoperative charge lights or defective charger if the battery appears not to accept a charge after being plugged into the charger.

Check for a damaged or exhausted battery if the lights on the charger flash red/green for more than 20 minutes.

Unplug the battery charger immediately and discontinue use if the charger makes a loud noise, smokes or gets excessively hot during charging.

Verify the operation of the fan. If it does not turn and the tool indicator light is blinking red or solid red, the battery is not charged or the battery terminals are corroded or dirty. If the fan turns slower than normal and the tool indicator light is solid red, the battery is discharged.

Check the state of the work contacting element if it does not depress fully and the nailer will not operate. Determine if the work contacting element is bent or excessively worn, or if the lockout bracket is stuck in the lockout position. Make sure there are more than four nails left on the strip.

Verify that the fuel cell still contains fuel if the unit will not cycle, but the fan turns and the indicator light on the tool is green. Also check the spark plug wire and make sure the spark plug is not dirty.

Adjust the work contacting element if the nails do not drive fully. Verify that the air filter is clean and the fuel cell combustion chamber seal is not leaking.

Verify that the nails meet Paslode specifications if the unit does not drive nails, but appears to be functional in all other ways. Also look for a jammed nail and make sure the follower is properly engaged behind the fastener strip.

Verify that the spark plug wire is not loose if the unit performs erratically or seems to lose power. A clogged air filter may cause the unit to overheat as well, also decreasing power.

Examine the nose bore or the driver blade for a build-up of dirt or debris if the unit drives nails, but the driver blade does not return to the up position.

Check for a bent or dirty work contacting element if the combustion chamber does not open after each nail is driven.

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