Free baby diaper carriage instructions

The diaper carriage is a variation of the traditional diaper cake, which is a staple of baby showers. The carriage is easy to assemble and can serve as decor and a gift. Diaper carriages can be customised so to suit the style of the mom-to-be, as well as the baby's room. Diaper carriages, like diaper cakes, can be any size you choose.


The pram should fit the theme of the shower or the baby's room (if the room's concept and colours are known). Choose materials and items that fit this theme so they can be reused in the baby's nursery or serve as decor for the shower itself. For example if the nursery was a Dr. Seuss theme you could choose bright colours and prints for the receiving blankets and place a stuffed animal from one of the books in the carriage.


To make a baby diaper carriage you will need a couple receiving blankets, a couple bibs, diapers, craft wire, and tape. To decorate it you will also need scissors, ribbon and a stuffed animal. You also can include pacifiers, small toys and baby bath products.


Start by making the wheels. Roll two receiving blankets into a long, thick log-like shape. These will serve as the wheels (two long wheels--like a base for four wheels). Create the carriage shape with diapers. Roll individual diapers as you would for a diaper cake. Use a rubber band to hold each in its roll. Place all the diapers in a carriage formation and, using packaging tape, tape the diapers together in that shape. Wrap a receiving blanket or burp cloth around the carriage. Tape the wheels onto the base. Next, create the top carriage cover. Cut two to three pieces of craft wire and form two or three arches over the carriage body. Tape in place. Drape the bibs over the wiring to create the cover. Use ribbon or tape to secure in place.


Make the wheels out of baby bath products instead. Wrap a bottle of baby shampoo with a receiving blanket to create solid, heavy wheels. Add ribbons to the diaper carriage and tie in bows. Tie on toys and pacifiers to give it some extra colour. Use washcloths and towels instead of receiving blankets.

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