Are Wood Soles Good for Your Feet?

Wood-soled shoes can be good for your feet if they are made well. They are recommended for workers who are on their feet all day such as nurses and restaurant workers. Wood-soled shoes can improve posture and protect wearers from hazards on the ground such as broken glass or nails. But if the shoes are poorly made, the wearer can get blisters and sweaty feet.

Traditional Wood Soled Shoes

Clogs have traditionally been made with wood soles. This type of shoe became popular in England during the Industrial Revolution but lost popularity after World War II. Clogs and other wood-soled shoes can be comfortable, stylish, durable and easy to take on and off. Nurses and other workers who are on their feet all day and need orthopaedic shoes wear wood-soled clogs because the wood tends to absorb shock and protect the feet.

Well Made Wood-Soled Shoes

Wood soles can be good for your feet. The wood is durable and hard enough to protect feet from debris such as nails and sharp glass. For workers who are on their feet all day and may be exposed to such hazards, wood-soled shoes offer a real benefit. Well-made wood soled clogs are often made with a real leather upper, usually hand nailed to the sole. The sole is often made up of several layers as well. The outer sole is wood, but the inner sole is a softer material and often there is a medial sole as well to offer cushioning.

Poorly Made Wood Soled Shoes

Wood soles without the padding of extra layers can cause blisters, calluses and sweaty feet. If you choose wood soles, you need to remember that they are only as good as the shoe itself. If the shoe is properly designed and made with quality materials, it will be good for your foot. But if it is made of poor quality materials, if the upper is not made from leather or other breathable material or if the wood is not properly seasoned, the shoe will not be good for your foot.

Benefits of Wood Soled Shoes

Wood soled shoes are recommended by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada as a safety shoe for workers who need extra protection. Typically, wood soles can help posture, but you can also find wood soles that have reflexology or acupressure points built in. These soles have bumps placed to activate pressure points on your feet, which can stimulate meridians in your body. If you are interested in reflexology, this type of wood sole might be especially good for your feet and your entire body.

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