How to make a wind harp

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Wind harps first began playing music more than 3000 years ago. The principle is simple: the wind moves between two solid objects and creates sound. It is the same basic idea as the sound of wind in the trees. The wind harp is sometimes called the Aeolian wind harp after the Greek god of the wind.

Some wind harps use strings and electric guitar pickups to amplify and record the music. But you can make your own wind harp from items around the house.

Cut slits in the plastic bottles with the scissors. Make sure that the sides of the slits are parallel. The width of the slits should be between 3 to 8 mm (1/10 to 1/3 inch) wide. Experiment with different lengths depending on the size of the bottle. Choose any size plastic bottle from 375 ml water bottles to 2-litre fizzy drink bottles.

Place the lid of the bottle on the top of the dowel or broom stick.

Place a single nail in the centre of the lid and hammer the nail into the top of the wooden stick to secure the lid.

Add silicone caulk around the joint between the lid and the dowel.

Screw the bottle upside-down onto the lid.

Place the wind harp in an unobstructed area to capture the sound of the wind.