Can I Whiten My Teeth While Wearing Temporary Veneers?

Most dentists will offer temporary veneers while you wait for your finished veneers to come back from the lab. The temporary veneers are used to protect the teeth and to preview what the final outcome will be like when your permanent veneers are in place. If your temporary veneers become discoloured you should call your dentist, because teeth whitening products are not recommended during this temporary stage.

Teeth Whitening

One of the reason for not whitening your teeth while wearing temporary veneers is because your teeth underneath the veneers are vulnerable due to tooth reduction and the removal of part of the outer tooth enamel that may have been performed prior to the application of the temporaries. Your dentist should give care instructions. Dr. Jay M. Azling, DDS, advises his patients to rinse nightly with diluted hydrogen peroxide--50 per cent peroxide and 50 per cent water--to help with staining and discolouration. However, leaving whitening and bleaching agents on your temporary veneers for a long period of time may do more harm than good by making them overly sensitive.

Temporary veneers are only designed to be used for a few days up to two to four weeks. A common complaint about them is that they become detached because the cement used to bind them to your teeth is not the same as it is for permanent veneers. The placement is also not as precise or secure as the permanent veneers.

Food and saliva may leak between the teeth and temporary veneer, according to Dr. John Rubin, DDS, and the stains will be removed prior to the installation of your new permanent veneers. Also, inflammation of the gums may lead to discolouration along the gum line from a reaction to the temporary materials used, which should go away after the temporaries are replaced. If your gums are inflamed whitening products should not be used.

Temporary veneers are made from an acrylic bonding compound; this type of material does not respond to whitening or bleaching. The material used should be polished to achieve a desirable colour by your dentist before you leave the office; if you are unhappy with the colour it is possible that you need to go back and get them polished again.

Many dentists will advise you to use teeth whitening products before the temporary or permanent veneers are in place. Otherwise, it is best to wait until your permanent veneers are in place before you consider whitening the surrounding teeth.


Talk to your dentist about any concerns you have about whitening your temporary veneers. It is very important to communicate your concerns about your temporary veneers with your dentist. Having an active voice throughout the whole process can lessen complications that may come from colouring issues or any concerns about the outcome of your permanent veneers.

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