Exercises to Uplift Under Eye Hollows

The hollows under the eyes are a troublesome spot for many people. This area is susceptible to bagginess and dark circles. There are hundreds of eye care products that claim to solve these issues but there are easy exercises that can perform the same rejuvenation without the wasted money.


Facial exercises for the eyes should be done everyday for maximum benefit. Perform the exercises everyday for a period of three to five weeks. After this initial exercise period you can lower the number of times you exercise the eyes to three to four days a week.

Exercise the Hollow

Do exercises that tense the skin under the eyes to promote taut skin. Bring your lower lip over your top lip to tense the cheek muscles and look up and toward the area above the bridge of your nose. Try not to cross your eyes. You will feel the skin under your eyes and in the hollow pull tight. Hold this exercise for 10 seconds then relax. After you have relaxed, raise your eyebrows up into a look of surprise and look to the front of your nose. You will feel the skin on the bridge of your nose pull up on the hollows of your eyes.

Tightening the Skin

Further exercises should be done to firm the skin of the eyes: Sit upright with your eyes closed and your face relaxed. With your eyes closed move your eyes as if you were looking up toward the ceiling, then down toward the floor. Hold your eyes in each position for five seconds.

Open your eyes and lift your eyebrows up toward the ceiling. With your eyebrows raised, attempt to close your top eyelid halfway. Hold it in this position for five seconds then open your eyes wide.

Hold a finger to each temple at the side of your head. Pull the skin back slightly so that the skin around your eyes are slightly taut. Holding the skin blink your eyes quickly for 30 seconds then relax. Repeat this exercise five times.

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