Children's Activities for Trinity Sunday Readings

Trinity Sunday is a Christian holiday celebrating God as Father, Son and Holy Ghost (or Spirit). A holiday celebrated by both Catholic and Protestant worshippers, Trinity Sunday concepts and scripture readings may be abstract for children. Help them understand the doctrine and beauty of the Trinity through the use of activities that will allow them to learn and participate in this special day.


A classic example of the Trinity is by using a three-leaf clover to show how the individual leaves are unique parts of a whole. Bring a clover plant into the classroom as a visual aid, or take the children to a nearby garden or field to look for their own. Clover colouring pages can be used in conjunction with the readings. Ask the children to listen to the readings, marking down characteristics of each person of the Trinity into a separate leaf. Explain that the leaves do not stand alone; they are an integral part of the plant, just as the Trinity together is God.


Children love snacks, and many different kinds of Trinity Sunday snacks can be used as object lessons. Bread rolls baked in a cloverleaf shape (roll three small balls of dough and place in a greased muffin tin to rise and then bake) are easily pulled apart into threes. Three-layer gelatin desserts are a wiggly way to illustrate the Scripture passages the children are learning. If you have time and patience, bake cookies using three different flavours of dough: vanilla, peanut butter and chocolate (or use food colouring for different colours). Roll each colour or flavour into a long roll on a floured surface. Press the three rolls together until they make one large roll with three distinct flavours/colours, wrap in waxed paper and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Slice the dough into rounds and bake as directed in the recipe. The separate colours and flavours are part of the single cookie, offering a sensory object lesson on the doctrine of the Trinity.

Treasure Hunt

Older children might enjoy a treasure hunt of Trinity-themed objects. Triangles, clovers and other items that can be used as symbols of the Trinity should be hidden in a room or in a drawing or collage. The children are given a certain time limit to find all the objects and explain why they fit with the Trinity theme. Be prepared for the children to find more objects than you planned for.

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