Home remedies to remove frown lines

Frown lines are the wrinkles and deep-set grooves that appear between the eyes and above the eyebrows. These lines occur as an individual gets older and are usually caused by tension.

You can treat these unsightly lines in many ways, using over-the-counter treatments, procedures prescribed by dermatologists, and home remedies.

Facial Exercises

Home remedies for minimising the appearance of frown lines include facial exercises, which can improve muscle control and strengthen weaker muscles that are not pulling their weight. According to Dermaxime.com, you should perform facial exercises daily for the first month, then once per week until you have achieved desired results.

For the first exercise, bring your eyebrows down by crinkling your nose as much as possible. This expression is like the face you might make when eating something sour. Wait several seconds, then release. Repeat five times.

The second exercise can be done directly after the first. Lean your head backward by hanging it over the back of the bed or a couch. Open your eyes and mouth as wide as possible, and then relax your face. Repeat five times.

Finally, frown as much as possible, while furrowing your eyebrows toward one another. Hold for several seconds, and then release. Repeat five times.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

Stick-on overnight facial pads are a product designed to eliminate frown lines by splinting the muscle that is overworking, preventing it from being exposed to its usual stress. When the muscle has rested overnight, it will appear more supple because the skin cells have had a chance to reposition themselves as they have been held in place.

Exfoliation will also revitalise the muscle and help tighten the skin around the eyebrow area. You can purchase exfoliation treatments for the face at a drugstore or grocery store, or make your own at home. Combine one part olive oil with one part coarse kosher salt and mix them in a container. Scrub your face with the combination until the salt dissolves, and then wash your face with an oil-free cleanser.