Gifts for 15 year old girls

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Fifteen is an exciting age for young girls as they make the transition into high school, driver's ed and dating. But shopping for a girl who is no longer a child but not yet a woman can be complicated. What's cool and what's not is often the line between success and disaster.

So when shopping for this special teen, keep in mind what interests her.

Think Electronic

For most teens, electronics are all the rage. MP3 players, notebook computers, digital cameras and digital readers are all widely available. What's nice about these kinds of gifts is that the girl can upload whatever she wants to them. Similarly, gifts cards for digital music are a great idea because, unlike with a single CD, the girl can purchase multiple songs of her choice.

Although these gifts can be pretty expensive, they are things a 15-year-old girl is bound to use on a daily basis.

Think Beauty

Because 15 is a crucial age where looks can mean everything, cosmetics are often a fail-proof gift. Eye shadow, lip gloss, body spray and lotion are all good products for a teenage girl. Try to pick cute, bold or playful colours like pink, blue, purple and green as opposed to the subtle browns.

You can take this idea further and create a personalised basket of "girlie things." Throw in accessories like hair ties, clips and bracelets to round out the ensemble. This will give the gift a more vibrant, personal touch.

Stay away from clothing unless you're purchasing a gift card to her favourite store. No matter how well you think you know the girl, it's always best to let her choose when it comes to apparel.

Think of Her

Most importantly, try to think of her. Every teenage girl is different, but most 15-year-olds will have a special interest whether it's sports, music, dancing, art or some other hobby. Buying tickets to a concert featuring her favourite musician would be the perfect gift and memory for a 15-year-old.

But if all else fails, don't be afraid to ask. She's likely to be more than happy to share with you a list of ideas.