Fish pond filter idea

Fish pond filter ideas should all result in clean water and healthy pond life.

Fish pond filters are an important part of building and maintaining a healthy and attractive backyard water garden. From do-it-yourself models to commercially-made submersible and external filters, fish pond filters vary in use and expense.

Types of Fish Pond Filters for Backyard Water Gardens

The two main types of fish pond filters are submersible and external. Submersible filters are sunk into the bottom of the pond and filter the water by sucking it into one end, passing it through a variety of media, and releasing it out the other end--often through a pump or fountain apparatus. External filters work the same way, except they suck water out of the pond through a hose and the entire filter container is sealed.

For very small ponds, or simple fountain or waterfall gardens, intake filters are often the only filtration system used. These small blocks of foam or mesh are fitted tightly to the intake port on the pump, or sometimes surround the whole thing. The blocks can be clogged quickly and require frequent maintenance. They are not ideal for larger ponds with any type of aquatic life.

Do-It-Yourself Fish Pond Filter Ideas

Making a fish pond filter at home requires simple materials and tools. For a submersible filter, start with a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid, add a large hole in the lead of the container and one near the bottom so water can flow through, and fill it with various layers of filter media such as rocks, plastic balls and quilt batting. These layers provide both mechanical and, eventually, biological filtration for your pond water. Connect a hose or pipe to the bottom side of the plastic container so that the filter can be connected to the pond pump.

An external water garden filtration system can be made in much the same way. Simply run a hose from the top of the water filter into the pond water to suck water out before filtering it. External pond filters are often easier to maintain.

Fish Pond Filter Ideas for Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the fish pond filter is essential for a healthy and attractive water garden. Making the filter easy to access is the first step to frequent and effective maintenance. Submersible pond filters are more difficult to get at than external ones. Any filters should be positioned near an edge that can be reached without danger of falling into the pond. Having a garden hose nearby is essential for quick filter cleaning.

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