Homemade Frog Costumes

Kids like to play dress up, whether it's for a school play, Halloween or role playing at home. One easy, fun costume for kids to make is a frog costume. Frogs feature prominently in many children's stories, from "The Wind in the Willows" to "The Frog Prince.

" A frog costume can help a child get into the magic of a storybook story. Best of all, with a little help from you, your child can make the costume on his or her own.


The materials for a frog costume are relatively simple to find. Most can be located at a craft or hobby store, or even at a big-box discount store. They include a dark green, hooded sweatshirt, dark green sweatpants, dark green gloves, one yard of dark green felt, one yard of light green felt, one half-yard of black felt, one half-yard of brown felt, two dark green foam half-spheres about the size of half-dollars, dark green paint and two pair of googly eyes. For tools, you will need craft glue, fabric glue and scissors.


Before your child begins this craft project, you will need to get some materials ready. Once you have done so, you can turn the craft project over to your child to assemble under your supervision. Cut out several "spots" for the frog's back, arms, legs and head out of the green, black and brown felt. Make these spots of varying sizes and shapes. Next, cut the frog's hands out of the green felt by laying the green gloves over the felt and cutting out four hand shapes. The frog's hands will only have three fingers. Finally, cut out the frog's belly by laying the yard of light green felt across the sweatshirt, and cutting a half-oval to fit across the front of the shirt.


Now, turn the materials over to your child and help him or her complete costume assembly. Create the frog's eyes by laying the foam spheres on their flat side, and gluing the googly eyes to the curved side with the craft glue so that the eyes face forward. Set the eyes aside to dry and begin to glue the felt spots to the sweatshirt's back and arms. Set the sweatshirt aside to dry and glue spots to the sweatshirt legs. When the spots have dried, flip the shirt over and glue the large, light green half-oval to the sweatshirt's belly. Take care to align the oval so that the flat side of the half-oval lines up with the hem of the sweatshirt. Help your child glue the eyes to the hood of the sweatshirt, flat side down, so that they are positioned over your child's head when he or she wears the shirt. Finally, glue the felt hand cutouts to the gloves to make the frog's hands.