Interview tips for beauty consultant jobs

A few quick tips can get your foot in the door.

The term beauty consultant refers to a specialist who works at a store's beauty counter and advises customers on the brands and applications of cosmetic products. Or it can refer to an independent beauty-product merchandiser who brings cosmetic and other beauty items to customers to demonstrate and sell them. Either of these positions requires many of the same skills. Here are some helpful interview tips you can use to ensure your success.

Consider Your Appearance

The adage "Don't judge people by their appearance" doesn't apply in the case of a beauty consultant. When you show up for your interview you need to display an outer image that goes along with your knowledge base. You don't have to be a beauty queen to be a beauty consultant; however, well-applied make-up, a trendy hairstyle, groomed eyebrows and polished nails make a statement that you understand beauty products and know how to apply them. The truth is, people are less likely to take beauty advice from someone who doesn't appear to subscribe to the advice herself. Show that you care about your appearance and that you put effort into it.

Demonstrate Product Knowledge

Now that you have your look together, be aware that it takes more than a pretty face to sell beauty. You must demonstrate a working knowledge of the beauty products you are going to sell. If you have access to the products before you interview, try them out. Establish your own ideas about what you like and dislike about them. Of course, you don't want to denigrate the merchandise during your interview, but you can play up the better points of what you discovered. Read up on the ingredients and the benefits of the specific products. You can even pull up statistics on sales and product strategies. Showing your potential boss that you won't even need much of their training program will demonstrate the cost-effective benefit of hiring you.

Demonstrate Commitment and Enthusiasm

Finally, during your interview show a dedication for the company you wish to work for. Maybe the job you are applying for is simply a stepping stone in your bigger plan, but don't flaunt the point. Instead, make it clear to your interviewer that you believe in the company's products and that a position as a beauty consultant is something you're very enthusiastic about.

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