Panasonic Cordless Phone Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a Panasonic cordless telephone takes only a few minutes, which is time spent that could spare you a trip to the repair shop or a telephone retailer. Paying a technician to repair a cordless Panasonic phone will probably cost more than simply buying a replacement, so follow these strategies to see if you can get your old set working again.

Power Problems

Unplug the Panasonic cordless phone's AC adaptor from the wall, wait one minute and then plug it back in. If the power LED on the base unit doesn't light up, try a different outlet. If it still does not light up, make sure the handset is secure in the cradle of the base unit. If you can't find the handset, press the "locator" button on the Panasonic base unit, and then follow the beeping sound until you locate the handset.

If the handset will not charge, remove the slide-off cover on the back of the phone and remove the battery pack by detaching the plug attached to two wires (red and black) from the jack inside the handset. Take the old battery with you to an electronics store to buy the correct replacement or order one online.

Answering Machine Aggravations

Press the "Answer On" button to turn on the LED light if the answering machine will not record. If the machine is not recording incoming messages, find out whether you have voice mail service through your telephone service provider, as the voice mail may be recording incoming calls before the Panasonic unit can receive them. Check the setting on the answering machine for the number of rings before the machine begins recording incoming calls (the default setting is four rings).

Sorting Out Multiple Handsets

Some Panasonic cordless phones come with up to five handsets. You may need to set the main handset to synchronise with the base unit plugged into the telephone wall jack and assign numbers to the other handsets. One handset left in the "on" mode may make it impossible to place calls with the any of the other handsets. This will continue until either the battery dies on the handset or the phone is switched off and replaced in its charger.

Synchronise the main handset by pressing the menu button on the handset, then pressing the down button and choosing the number you wish to assign to that handset. Remember to leave that handset in the base unit or just check the number of the handset by toggling again through the menu to identify which phone is which.

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