Home Treatment for Shingles on the Nose

Shingles can appear on your nose.

Shingles is a rash that appears on a person's skin. It can occur anywhere on the body, even the nose. It is painful and oftentimes red. Shingles are contagious, so it is best to stay away from anyone who has never had the chickenpox before. Shingles are a result of a previous bout of chickenpox and actually can cause others to get it. Start treating your shingles at home so you do not spread the disease.

Cold Packs

Cold packs are needed to numb the nose so you are not experiencing so much pain. You can use either a water or milk cold pack. If the pack is too cold against your skin, you can place it inside a thin towel. The cold pack also will help to reduce any swelling in the nose. Keep the cold pack on for at least 20 minutes, then keep it off for 20 minutes. Repeat.

Boost Your Immune System

If your are going to get rid of the shingles on your nose, you must give your immune system the correct vitamins and herbs to work with. First, begin taking a multivitamin. Take it each morning with breakfast. Then, take a capsule of goldenseal. Goldenseal is an herb that is well known for boosting immune systems. If your health store doesn't carry goldenseal, you can use echinacea. It is just as effective and can be taken in capsule or tea form.

Antiviral Herbs

There are some antiviral herbs that you can place directly on the shingles. Since a virus is causing the shingles, an antiviral herb will work to kill the virus and get rid of the shingles. An excellent antiviral herb is called juniper. Juniper comes in an essential oil that you can drip right over your shingles. Place two to three drops of juniper oil on the sores twice per day until they are gone. If shingle pain still exists after they have disappeared, continue using the juniper oil.

Take caution: Any shingles on your nose could potentially spread to your eyes, which would be very dangerous. It is very important that you see your family physician for shingles.

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