Decorations for a 40th birthday party

A 40th birthday celebration can be silly and fun.

A 40th birthday is a milestone that deserves celebration. A party is a great way to bring family and friends together for this occasion. Whatever theme or style you choose, you can select among many different decorations for this event.

Over the Hill

Everyone knows that turning 40 is a big deal, often joked about as the beginning of the long slide into "old age." In that spirit, have an over-the-hill 40th birthday party. This is a fun way to celebrate while incorporating some humour. One idea: decorating with the colour black, because you are in mourning. You can find so many different decorations at any party store or online site for this theme. Hang a huge sign on the door or in the yard that says, "Over the hill." Decorate your house with black streamers and black-and-white balloons.

You can find black centrepieces with the number 40 hanging off in a cascading style. Even have the birthday cake in black and white. Your decorating ideas are endless for this type of theme. Party store aisles are lined with everything you will need, from gruesome grey wigs and warty noses (if you want to surprise guests by "dressing the part") to black napkins and other tableware.


For a more formal affair, plan an elegant dinner party. Use white linen tablecloths with elegant china. You won't need a lot of decorations for this style of party because the tables and china, along with fresh flowers in the middle, will suffice. If you have a buffet table set up, put a flower arrangement on that table as well.

You can have a chocolate or champagne fountain, which add pretty yet functional, delicious decor items. You can rent these types of fountains from many local vendors. Check the yellow pages or local event planners. If you have a big budget, consider an ice sculpture, perhaps with the guest of honor's name or simply a large 40 carved in it. A number of companies specialise in ice sculptures. Again, check your local event planners or online sites.

Keep It Simple

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a great 40th Birthday party. Just keep it simple. Decide on a colour scheme and use bright colours to ring in this event. Hang streamers and balloons. Cover surfaces with inexpensive yet eye-catching paper tablecloths sprinkle some confetti around. Put a big sign in the yard announcing the 40th birthday and the guest of honor's name.

Buy coloured plates, cups and napkins to go with your colour scheme. The different colours you use for these items will become the decorations. Use the birthday cake as the centrepiece.

You can also collect pictures of the guest of honour dating back from infancy, childhood years, high school through early adulthood and up to current years. For more impact and visibility, blow the pictures up to poster size. This will add a personal touch to the party and your guest of honour will appreciate the effort, keeping the photos as mementos long after his or her 40th birthday.

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