Ideas for a surprise 60th birthday party

A surprise party is a perfect way to help celebrate a 60th birthday. Turning 60 is a milestone birthday that should be celebrated in a special way. Ideas for a surprise 60th birthday party should take into consideration the personality of the guest of honour.

Turning sixty is a milestone that should be celebrated in a special way.


Invitations are an important part of the surprise birthday party planning. It is important to pick an invitation that reflects the theme of the party. There are several different types of invitations. The most inexpensive way to go is to send an evite. There is no cost in sending this type of invitation. With evite you will be notified when someone responds to your invitation. Be sure your guests are aware that this is a surprise party. If an evite is not your style, you can go to several sites online to create your invitation. Vista Print is an inexpensive company that will print your cards for you. They have several designs available. If you don't want to do your invitations via computer technology, you can always go to a stationary store and find invitations for your surprise party.

Decorations and Foods

Decorations are a sure way to spice up a party. Before picking decorations, think of the type of theme you are going for. You can have a "Spicing up Sixty" party and go for a Mexican theme. You can decorate with fun vibrant colours, serve Mexican food and rent a margarita machine. Another fun idea is a wine and cheese theme. Use displays of grapes as table centrepieces and serve a variety of cheeses and wines. Chocolate covered strawberries can be an excellent treat to serve as well.


After you have decided on a theme for your surprise party, you can decide what type of location best suits your 60th birthday surprise party. Your budget and guest list will play a huge role in the choosing the venue. If you are having a small intimate gathering, you may chose a restaurant. Maybe the guest of honour's favourite dining place is the best choice. If you are inviting a lot of people, then perhaps a large house or party hall is going to be more suitable. You will need to tell your guests where to park so the guest of honour doesn't see their vehicles in advance of the surprise.