6 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Blowing out the candles

Host a spectacular party for your 6-year-old girl. For the girl who loves to bake, host a cake decorating party. Guests will creatively decorate mini cakes. Or, delight younger ones with a carnival birthday party complete with old-fashioned games, face painting and cool prizes. For simple pleasures, gather friends to a flower birthday celebration. Enjoy painting flower pots, having wheelbarrow races and watering-can relays.

Cake Decorating Party

Create dazzling birthday cake invitations and purchase "cake celebration" tableware. Before the party, bake mini chocolate and vanilla bundt cakes. Set cakes on decorative plates with paper doilies.

On the table, arrange coloured icings, sprinkles and small candies like M&Ms and gum drops in small, individual bowls.

As guests arrive, hand out chef hats and personalised aprons. Gather young guests around the table to decorate an individual bundt cake to bring home in a personalised cake box. Demonstrate simple decorating ideas before the guests begin.

Supply drinks and finger snacks. After cake decorating, play games such as hot potato, blindfold the cook, and the egg and spoon race game. Send guests home with their decorated cake and a goody bag with cooking party favours such as "dough," mini rolling pins, measuring spoons and cookie cutters.

Carnival Party

Organise a carnival in your backyard. Send out handmade carnival-ticket invitations and purchase "carnival party" themed tableware. Erect a large canopy and tie colourful balloons to the poles to distribute at the end of the party.

Under the canopy, set up booths for carnival games such as floating ducks, toss games, face painting and cake walk, to name a few. Beforehand, ask parents if they will man a booth. Give out prizes such as flying frogs, glow bracelets, whistles, little plush toys and balls at each booth.

Rent a candyfloss machine. Offer popcorn in red and white striped popcorn bags or boxes of cracker jacks, large soft pretzels, peanuts and lemonade.

Serve a carnival tent birthday cake. Give young guests a colourful party bag for carnival prizes. Include old-fashioned candy sticks, stickers and tattoos.

Sunflower Party

For the 6-year-old who loves flowers, have a sunflower party. Send out sunflower party invites. Purchase "ladybug" tableware from Oriental Trading. Fill the room with tissue-paper sunflowers. Add yellow and red balloons with a mylar-shaped sunflower for the centrepiece. Lay out a red tablecloth and sprinkle yellow and green confetti.

Have guests decorate mini flower pots. Set up a watering-can relay and wheelbarrow race, flower pot toss and pin the ladybug on the sunflower.

Prepare finger foods. Cut sandwich bread with a sunflower cookie cutter. Offer fruit and vegetable kebabs, ants on a log and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds to snack on. Serve lemonade and limeade.

Make the birthday girl a scrumptious sunflower cake made with a nine-inch round cake, Hershey mini chocolate kisses, Twinkies and yellow frosting.

Fill mini pails with gummy worms, flower seeds and flowered gardening gloves to take home.

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