Craft Ideas for Making Money

Making Money with Crafts

Homemade crafts have turned into big business for some industrious entrepreneurs. If you are just looking to make some extra money, you can use the craft industry as a place to start. There are many decorations that you can make and sell to those who don't have the time or inclination to make things themselves. The trick is to be creative and unique with your projects and aggressive with your marketing.



There are so many types of candles that you can specialise in one type or make a few of each. Make scented candles or gel candles with embellishments in them. This craft is easier if you have a garage or spare room in which to work. The materials to make candles are relatively inexpensive and can be found in craft stores, online and in department stores. Market your candles online, at flea markets or on consignment in speciality stores.


Teddy Bear Wreath

Wreaths can one of the most inexpensive crafts to make, yet consumers often will pay a good price to have. Wreaths can be made for every holiday, season or special occasion. They can be made out of just about anything. Collect the materials from the woods, use old pieces of material or buttons. Specialising in special-occasion wreaths can give you a niche. Offer new baby wreaths, anniversary wreaths or birthday and wedding wreaths. Make up some flyers about your new business and hang them in restaurants, hospitals and grocery stores. Set up a website and let all you friends and family know what you're doing, and ask for referrals.

Kids Craft Packages

Craft Puppets

Shop the craft stores and purchase kids craft items that are on sale. Make up kids craft packages and type instruction on how to make the craft. It can be as simple as colouring pages with a pack of five crayons for a day care. Market these to schools, day care centres and church Sunday schools, and locate other children's groups that meet in your area, such as Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops.


Fleece Blanket

There are so many easy crafts you can do with fleece. Make blankets, scarves or pillows. You can specialise in team blanket throws, baby blankets with matching pillows or TV blankets that match certain decor The advantage to this craft is it takes so little time. Place them in consignment shops or speciality shops.

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