Recipe for personal lubricant

Lubricants are used to reduce friction between two moving surfaces. Personal lubricants are frequently used for sexual intercourse. You can make your own personal lubricant at home with cornflour and water. If you are allergic to corn, you can use potato starch instead. This recipe only takes about 15 minutes to complete and should only be used externally.


In a large bowl, mix one cup of water with four teaspoons of cornstarch. Pour the mixture into a pot to be used for boiling. Turn your stove on high heat and allow the mixture to reach its boiling point. Once it starts to boil, reduce the heat to low. Stir the mixture and make sure that there is no cornstarch stuck to the bottom of the pot. Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth and has the same consistency as gelatin. At this point, the lubricant is done.


Pour your lubricant into containers, such as plastic containers or plastic bottles. Let the mixture cool at room temperature. Do not put the mixture in the freezer or refrigerator; it will cause the lubricant to form a hard layer of skin that you do not want. Store your personal lubricant at room temperature.

Other Ingredients

In place of corn or potato starch, you can use 1 teaspoon of sodium alginate. To flavour your personal lube, try adding a few drops of vanilla extract or honey. Do not use any forms of oil, such as vegetable oil; this can cause women to develop yeast infections.

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