Decorating ideas for small bathrooms

Small Bathroom

Decorating small bathrooms with flair is easier if you create the design of the room around a theme or a particular style. This will focus your perspective and tailor your choices, helping you to make the most of the space you have. Consider decorating your small bathroom in a beach theme, a garden theme or a shabby chic style.

Beach Theme

Adding floor-to-ceiling beadboard to the walls of your small bathroom will add texture to the space without infringing on the footprint. Continue decorating in an open and airy beach theme with a pedestal sink and a shower stall made with clear glass panels or glass blocks. Hang a vertical storage cabinet over the toilet painted to look like driftwood or whitewashed like the sand. Place a mirror over the sink framed in seashells painted a pearlescent shade of light pink or white. You can glue the painted shells directly to the mirror with clear craft glue. Contrast the lightness in the room with bright blue linens and accessories.

Garden Theme

Paint a mural on one wall in your small bathroom to look like the view into a garden. Project or trace a cobblestone walkway that begins in the bottom corner and winds its way up the wall, narrowing as it goes. Fill both sides of the walkway with painted flowers and add a picket fence, stretching into the distance alongside the walkway. The narrowing perspective of the fence and the walkway will help make the small room seem larger. A pedestal sink will always seem smaller than a sink with a cabinet and will fit in beautifully with your garden theme. White tile in the shower surround and light yellow walls will complement your mural without shrinking the room. Plantation shutters on the windows will offer privacy and add to the open feel of your bathroom.

Shabby Chic

Decorate your small bathroom in a shabby chic style with a distressed storage cabinet under the sink and decorative white storage shelves above the toilet made form wrought iron or wicker. Hang a small, crystal chandelier in the centre of the room as a focal point. The chandelier will emphasise the vertical space in the room. Paint the walls light green or yellow, and hang an etched Venetian mirror over the sink. The trick is to add necessities to the small room without overwhelming the space. Finish decorating the bathroom with hand-painted shades paired with sheer white curtains on the window.

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