What Attracts Shy Smart Girls?

Girls who are shy and smart often have a hard time opening up, so if you're interested in dating one of these girls, it's essential to make the girl feel comfortable and relaxed around you. In addition, presenting yourself as a smart and outgoing guy will likely get her to notice you.

Smart Girls Like Smart Boys

In the case of shy, smart girls, the phrase, "Birds of a feather flock together" is especially true. Smart girls are often attracted to men who are intelligent, as they seek mental stimulation and intelligent discussion. To attract a smart girl, use an intelligent vocabulary, but don't force words where they don't belong. Instead, focus on ridding your vocabulary of simple words, and answer her questions with more than one word. For example, instead of saying that your day is going "fine" when she asks, tell her that it's going "moderately well," or "surprisingly well." In addition, take time to answer her questions, as this allows her to get to know you better and spend more time with you. Most importantly, be yourself, since that's who you want the girl to be attracted to. Nonetheless, tailoring your vocabulary to impress your girl can get her to notice you.

Shy Girls Like Less Shy Boys

Shy girls are often unhappy with their shyness and seek to be more open, so they are often attracted to boys who are more outgoing, take risks and are friendly. A shy girl will notice your boldness and find it attractive, since she will subconsciously hope that you will help to bring her out of her shell. To impress a shy girl, talk with her about upcoming trips or activities you're doing, including hiking, white-water rafting, or any upcoming trips or shows. If you play an instrument or are in a band, talk to her about your next performance, since she will likely be impressed with your ability to perform in front of an audience. Don't present yourself as something you aren't, but highlighting any public-speaking, risk-taking (but not overly dangerous or illegal activities), or social activities you participate in can attract a shy girl.

Shy Smart Girls Like Boys Who Make Them Feel Good

Shy, smart girls are often teased or ostracised by their peers, especially during adolescence, so getting this type of girl to feel comfortable around you requires that you understand her feelings. Making a shy, smart girl feel comfortable and relaxed around you is essential in getting her attention, so do your best to make her feel secure and desired. When you're with this girl and some other peers, compliment her in front of them, or mention something she's recently done. For example, if she enjoys painting, casually say, "You guys should see some of her art, she's a fantastic painter." Don't put your shy girl on the spot, but instead, put a spotlight on her for her to bask in. For example, instead of saying, "Tell them about your art," tell your peers that she enjoys painting with watercolours and is especially good at painting scenery. This will allow your girl to feel proud and accomplished without making her uncomfortable. In addition, complimenting your shy girl will help her open up to you and your peers.

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