Hair colours that make a face look thinner

If you're trying to lose weight, it can be frustrating not to see immediate results. While 1/2 to 1 kg (1 or 2 lbs) a week is a positive weight-loss goal, it takes a while before the weight loss will become visible in your face.

Fortunately, a good hair colour can help you have the illusion of weight loss, which can give you a confidence boost while your body catches up.


The light and dark lines of highlighted hair can provide the illusion of slimming, vertical stripes. This theory has been around for decades when it comes to clothing, but the concept works the same on hair, too, and can make your face seem less round.

Dark colours

Darker shades of colour can give a slimming effect to many facial types. The eye is naturally drawn to lighter colours and away from darker ones. So a blond hairstyle would draw attention to a rounder face, while a darker shade would not.

Light colours

Blond is more acceptable as an accent colour used to draw attention away from the cheeks. It can be used to provide a sun-kissed look to highlight a face-flattering haircut. Or by just highlighting the layers around your face, you can frame your face and hide the extra width.