Ideas for Door Decorations

Front door

Door decorations give visitors a first impression of your home and the kind of decor they can expect to find inside. Using door decorations on your front door gives your entryway a little more personality than just a plain door. Door decorations can be changed easily, allowing for creativity in your decor style. They are perfect for the fickle decorator who can't decide what decorations they like the best.

Half Basket

A half basket is a versatile door decoration that you can customise to suit your needs. To make one, purchase a basket that will fit on your door and cut it in half. Add a piece of cardboard to the back of it to close off the open end. Now you have a basket that can hang flat on your door and that you can fill with an assortment of things. It's great for flowers, or even as a substitute mailbox or newspaper holder. Neighbours can drop notes in it or you can fill it with another decor item that you love.

Holiday Decorations

Your door is the perfect place to display some of your favourite holiday decorations. Build an arsenal of holiday door decorations and change them as one holiday leads to the next. Consider a plaque for Valentine's Day, a large Easter bunny or a Santa at Christmas. You can find door decorations at arts and crafts festivals, and even big-box stores around the time of the holiday. Just remember to store them carefully so that you can continue to rotate through them for years to come.

Seasonal Decorations

Choose decorations that correspond with the passing season. Some great ideas are to use Indian corn tied with a ribbon and hung on the door through the fall season, or a wreath made with fallen autumn-coloured leaves. In the winter, a half-basket filled with pine cones or a wreath made of cranberries looks perfect with the snow. The spring and summer can bring seasonal flowers, which you can dry and hang with a ribbon on your door. Use the seasons to inspire your door decoration choices.

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