Hi, guys. This is Pablo Popovitch here at The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center in Oakland Park, Florida. We're going to be working on closed guard positions, okay? The first position we're going to do today is called the Arm Bar. As you notice, Jay's starting with the closed guard, he's going to be working on this arm, and he's going to finish the position with Arm Bar. So, first thing, he's going to trap that arm, and look to where he's grabbing it. He's grabbing the wrist with one hand, and he's going over with the other hand, trapping the arm. And, what he's trying to do here first, he's trying to cross over the arm so he can apply the technique. So, start again, Jay. So, Fred's on top, he's going to cross over grip, drag the arm across. And, what he's going to do next is, he's going to put the foot on the hips, so he can move his body to the right position. He's going to use his hand on the neck to even move in further, and he's going to keep this leg on the guy's back to keep him from standing up. Now, to finish the position, he's going to throw this leg over. Make sure the thumb is to the ceiling so you have the right angle to finish the Arm Bar. Now, he's applying both hands on the arm, and all he has to do to finish the position is bridge, and he's got a submission right there, okay? So, let's try it one more time, Jay. Start on the guard, okay? Get your grips. You're going to cross the arm over. Once you cross it over, foot on the hip so you can actually get yourself in the right angle to finish the position. Throw the leg on the back. Now, he's going to finish the position. Both legs over, make the bridge, finish the position. Let's do it one time real quick, Jay. So, this is Pablo Popovitch, and you just learned a technique from the closed guard.