Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow with clay soil. Now there's lots of information out there on the Internet about how to grow things in clay soil. People either tell you to fill it up or they tell you to add some more compost or potting soil into the clay. But my theory is don't grow into the clay soil, build raised beds above. And that's the only way that you can grow in clay soil, you've gotta cover it up with potting soil or compost. There's really no other way to grow in clay soil. So the materials that you're going to need are a wheel barrel, some potting soil or composted material, anything that's really organic and good drainage, because you know you've got sand even or spur clippings or grass clippings, whatever you can do and mix a real organic material. And then you're going to need a shovel. And then you'll need an area where you have clay soil so that you can cover it up. So step one, just take your shovel and take your potting soil and just cover up the clay. Or you can always just dump the soil right on to the clay and then spread it out. And the trick is you want at least six inches of soil above the clay. And then that way you can get things to grow. Now my trick too is I'm going to start a new area, there's lots of clay here, I'm going to just spread this out, and I'm going to put lots of grass seeds right in to the soil. And then that way, it'll fight off the weeds and the grass will grow in really well. And even though there's clay, it'll do really well. So step two, make sure and spread all the soil so that it's really even and add more soil so that you work it up. Now step three, in this instance I'm going to add grass seed to the area so that it'll grow in and fight off the weeds and I can get nice grass to grow on top of my clay. And the fourth step is to water it well and make sure that it gets enough sunlight and then that way you can have a great garden in your clay soil.