Hi I'm Jarrett of the Stone Soup Farm in Belchertown and this is how to grow radishes. Radishes are a great crop because they can be grown virtually any time of the year. They can tolerate the heat of the Summer and they can tolerate the cold of the Fall and the Spring. The best way to grow radishes is to prepare a nice fluffy seed bed like this, get it nice and clean of weeds and of good tilth, take your radish seed and it is easiest to grow them in little rows which you can mark out with a trowel of about a half an inch deep and about a foot apart in the rows, take the seeds and sprinkle them to about three per inch within those rows, then take your hand and cover up the rows with about a half an inch of soil. Planting them in rows allows you to keep them weed free easier. You can come out at about two week intervals and make sure that everything but the radishes are cleared of weeds. Make sure they get plenty of water especially when the bulb is starting to grow at the root so that the bulb grows nice and big and they are extremely fast. Radishes are one of the fastest vegetable from seed to radish is about three to four weeks so if you want them consistently you should plant them in about two week successions where every two weeks you go out and plant a little bit more because they really don't hold long once they are mature plants. I'm Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm and that's how to grow radishes.