Hi I'm Michael Burton with michaelburtonfilms.org located in Salt Lake City Utah, and we're here talking about how to use Microsoft Windows. Right now we're going to be talking about how to change the theme of your computer. Let me start out by saying Windows XP is a registered trademark of Microsoft and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. O.k., to change the theme on your computer, there's really one way to do this, and one of the most simplest ways, if you come down here to your Start Menu, click on this, you'll find the settings for the theme under the Control Panel. Right up here, if you scroll up through these options, you'll find "Appearance and Themes", this is what you'll want to click on. This is going to bring up a bunch of different tasks that you can do. Right here is your first option is, "Change Your Computer's Theme." So we're going to click on that, this brings up your "Display Properties", now your "Display Properties" it automatically brings it up under the "Themes" tab, here you've got "Themes", "Desktop", "Screen Saver", "Appearance" and "Settings". The "Themes" tab is the one that we want, and already it's selected on the "Modified Theme", this is the current theme that we have it on. As you can see, we've got, up here the normal Recycle Bin, we've got the HP background, everything is, you know, standard, the new Microsoft XP, Windows. If you go to the drop down list for the Themes, you'll see that they give you a number of options, they give you, you know, the Windows XP theme, which if you click on it, it'll give you a little preview of what it looks like right here in this little window. So it gives you a little bit of different background, your Recycle Bin pretty much looks the same, it's pretty much the same, just with a different background image. You can go down to Energy Blue. Energy Blue, kind of the same thing again, just a different background image. Now when, you can even switch this to the Windows Classic, which is going to be where all of your Windows and all of your texts is a little bit more gray and black, not too many colors. One of my favorites is the Aquarium, this is, this is the Aquarium theme, where our desktop will basically have this image of the, the stars on there as well as your Recycle Bin will turn into what it shows here is a Treasure Chest. So let's go ahead and click "Apply", and if we wait just for a second, you notice how it changes our entire theme. So let's close out of here, as you could see, as I'm about to close out, you can see that my arrow has become a, like a Conch shell, like a seashell. That is part of the theme of this computer, and if you notice up here in the left hand corner, our Recycle Bin has become a Treasure Chest. So we have now just successfully changed the theme of our computer. The only other way to really get to the same, your Display Properties Menu, is by right clicking on the desktop, scrolling down to Properties, and that automatically brings up your, your themes and then you can again, select another one. Let's select one more, we'll try, Di Vinci's pretty cool, this will make, then you click "Apply", you wait for a few moments, next thing you know, you know your Mouse becomes an arrow, your Recycle Bin looks like a bucket full of like Parch papers. This is your new theme, if you've noticed also, all of your Menus and your bars, your Task Bar, everything is actually changed to a, a different color and you can also change the background images within these themes as well. If you wanted to do a more custom look.