Hey it's Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here and we're talking about affordable Apple laptops. You say to yourself I want to get a Mac but I want to get the best deal I can. Well I'm here to tell you about that. Affordable is kind of a tricky word because what's affordable to me and you may be very different, what's affordable to George Soros would be vastly different than what's affordable to you and I. But here's the deal, you've got your basic Mac laptops in production now. You have your Macbook Pro, you have your Macbook Air and in the back, your regular Macbook which now comes in two style flavors, the plastic casing like you see behind me and more of the solid aluminum framing like you see here in the Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air. Suggested retail price and Apple's pretty good about locking those in, your entry point is about a thousand dollars, between 900 and a 1,000 dollars depending on where you're purchasing it. Macbook Air will set you back about 17 to 1,800 dollars and entry point into the Macbook Pro is about 2,000 dollars. Now if that's not affordable to you, fear not there are some excellent options. Refurbished Macs, that's ones that the user thought there was a problem with and it was just easier for them to say here, here's a new one in a box we'll take this one back, look at it and fix any problems that they may have had in there, re-certify it and sell it as refurbished. That's a great deal, you can save several hundred dollars there. The other one is the aftermarket refurbished market and by that I'm saying is this not necessarily Apple involved with the refurbishing and it's units that are one or two models old. The good part about that is is that Mac is very traditional for, or excuse me, known for introducing new products the minute that they release another one. In fact the Macbook Air has it's major upgrade only less than 8 months after the main release. This was purchased within days of it hitting the stores so you know 6 months later, 8 months later something bigger and better came out. So with them changing it there's a good aftermarket for people who like to upgrade every single time a new unit comes out. So several websites, look for official Mac refurbished websites and you can buy a unit that's one or two models old. Now of course before you go and buy an older model you want to make sure, you want to ask yourself what am I going to be doing with the computer? If it's going to be most word processing and basic Internet surfing and gaming, you're good but if you think you're going to run a professional program like FinalCut Pro or some of the newer programs and it has the older processors, not the newer Pentium ones, then you might find yourself over the next few years being locked out of the programs you need to go. So Macs can be affordable if you've got between one and two grand kicking around to spend. If not, seriously consider refurbished on both the old model and the new model and I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert not refurbished but the first run for you. We'll talk to you later.