When Do Apple Trees Bloom?

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The sight and scent of apple blossoms is synonymous with spring in many areas of the country; however, different apple tree varieties bloom at different times throughout spring and summer.


Apple trees fall into three categories: early, midseason and late. This categorisation applies to the blossoms and the apples they produce. Early apple trees can bloom as soon as warm temperatures start in early spring, while late trees may not bloom until the end of summer.


Like most fruit plants and trees, blossoms must be pollinated to produce apples. The colour and fragrance of the flowers attracts honeybees that move pollen to fertilise the flowers. The fertilised flower ovary becomes the fruit.

Fun Fact

Apple blossoms are unable to self-pollinate, so at least two compatible apple trees must be planted near each other so they can cross-pollinate. This practice works best when trees with the same bloom season are in close company.

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