Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe certified master mechanic from out of Redding, Pennsylvania. Today we are going to talk briefly about how to open a frozen lock. Now there's really not much to it, there's a lot of products out there you can get from Advance Auto Zone, Pep Boys, whatever is local in your area. For all intensive purposes even a can of windshield deicer, most people, it's a good thing to carry with you in the winter, if you get a lot of ice in your windshield. If you got one with a little bit of hose on it, a little nozzle just put that on there. If you are out in the middle of nowhere and this is all you have, open your little door up, this in your lock here, stick your little nozzle in there and spray a little bit in there. Let is sit for about five or six minutes and take your key and you want to stick that in there just kind of work it back and forth, not real bad but just don't turn it real hard but once it starts getting the full range, you can feel it lock and unlocking, once you get it take your key out and you are pretty much good to go. Like I said the best thing you can do is carry a can of this with you and get yourself a little hose and keep it with it. It's good for your windshield, it's good for your locks. If you want to get the small cans they do make them. They are available at any parts store, you can pick them up. If you can't find them talk to one of the guys at the counter, they can get them for you but for everyday purposes during the winter a can like this will do you good. And that's how you basically unfreeze a frozen lock.