Today we are talking about sugar gliders and household dangers. The highest incident of death in these guys next to nutritional problems is accidents. These guys get everywhere and into everything. I think one of the number one is open toilets so please if you are going to let your sugar glider loose close all your toilets. Make sure all of your sinks have stoppers in the because they will crawl down your sinks. Also you need to be careful with couches and cushions. They will crawl down the backs of cushions and then someone will sit on them. They will end up in your recliner chair and someone will recline in it. You will have one on your physical body and someone will come and bump against you and it can harm it or you will have it in your pocket and sit down. All of these things cause untimely demises to these guys and they have also been known to crawl inside of dishwashers, behind refrigerators, behind ovens and they will spend days back there before you can get them back out. A tame glider is less likely to do this so you need to be especially careful if you are trying to tame down a glider that has not bonded to you. I recommend doing it in an enclosed space. A lot of people will use a tent so they are not exposed to these types of dangers. These guys especially if they are in captivity they are used to have much better coordination and a lot of height to drop from. These guys can jump from your body and fall down to a tiled floor and can fracture a bone so you need to be fairly carefully with them. They are pretty spry and will get into and on everything.