Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics, and today we're going to be planting yellow squash. Okay, what we're going to need is some kelp meal. We're going to need some all purpose fertilizer, well balanced meaning it has all of your three numbers, we're going to need our squash plant and we're going to need a shovel and we need to have our soil prepared. Our soil needs to be prepared by adding compost to it, tilled in well, worked in deeply. We're going to dig a little hole to be planting our yellow squash in but we want to add some of our well balanced fertilizer, a tablespoon to two tablespoons and just sprinkle it in there, work it in to the soil, pop our little yellow squash out, put the soil in around it, firm it in, then a little trick with the kelp meal to help keep the squash bugs away is just to sprinkle it around the base of this after we've watered it in, sprinkle this right around the base of this plant and this helps deter the squash bugs. They don't like the smell of it and do this about every week and besides that it gives the plant some minerals that it needs. About a month later we want to actually add some more fertilizer to this so we'll just make a ring around this plant kind of like a trench and then we're just going to be sprinkling some of our fertilizer around that and then just covering it lightly and then again watering it in. That's all there is to it to planting your yellow squash.