How to Unlock the PUK Code on Orange

Orange Mobile provides mobile phone service in the United Kingdom. Orange mobile phones require the use of a subscriber identity module (SIM). This small chip allows Orange to identity network subscribers. When you initially put the SIM card in an Orange phone, your phone will prompt you to enter a PIN code. If you enter the PIN code incorrectly more than five times, the SIM card will lock and you will have to enter a pin unlock code, or PUK code, to access the SIM card.

Call Orange Mobile customer service by dialling 150 from your mobile, or 07973 100 150 if you have a contract. If you have a pay-as-you-go plan, dial 450 from your mobile, or 07973 100 450.

Give the customer service representative your Orange mobile phone number. Answer the account security questions to verify your identity.

Ask the customer service representative for the PUK code.

Power your Orange mobile phone off and back on.

Enter the PUK code to unlock the SIM card on your Orange phone. When you power the phone back on, your phone will automatically prompt you to enter the PUK code. Use the keypad on your phone to enter the PUK code. After entering the PUK code, your phone will automatically unlock.

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