Hi my name is Nick Charette and we are at Concord Auto Spa and I am going to show you the difference in cleaning a white car and a black car. On white cars they really like to show the brake dust that has built up. They are usually little orange or black dots that are really tough to get out. We have already completed the basic washing process of rinsing the car, washing it with soap and if it doesn't come off with that which most likely it won't you are going to want to spray a basic wheel cleaner on it. You are just going to want to mist it on like so, let it sit for ten seconds or so to really eat away at the brake dust and once you have let it sit you are going to want to take a hose, pressure washer, whatever you have available, rinse it off. You don't want to leave it on too long. This process also strips the wax off so you are going to want to rewax the surface after you are done and it should really get it. If it doesn't you may want to repeat the process, leave it on there, use the wash mit while it is on there, go over it with the wash mit to help get an extra clean to it. With a black car you wouldn't normally see this stuff. It would be invisible to the eye. It would be there but you couldn't see it. Another way you could use a clay bar just you take the clay bar after you are done with this and go over the surface just wiping it over. Most likely you will not need it and for really heavy duty applications. So this has sat on long enough so you would rinse it off. You dry it and you will basically be done with it and that is pretty much how you make a white car look good.