12 Extremely annoying office workers and how to deal with them

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No matter where you work, the industry, or the size of the company, it is inevitable that one day you will come across (if you haven’t already) annoying workmates. To consider leaving your job, in the hope of finding “normal workmates” is a waste of time.


There has been a proven link between; relationships within the workplace and success, so it is very important that you get this one right. Are you able to deal with the oddballs in your office? Below are some of the most common characteristics of annoying workmates with solutions to their irritating habits.


The one who seems to creep up on you out of nowhere, as you are clearly hard at work or in a rush, but decides to stop for a chat. The lingerer is like a bad smell that you can’t get rid of.

Advice Avoid eye contact whenever possible to prevent unecessary attention . Take extra care when manoeuvring around your workspace; ensure the coast is clear when making that coffee or trip to the bathroom.


Invading personal space

Here we are talking about those that you may call "intruders". Workmates who have no concept of ones personal space, this may be physically or in terms of trespassing within your area.

Advice Don't let these individuals violate your personal space. If you hear the suspect approaching, make sure your workspace is unwelcoming, with no seating space. Don't be ashamed to take a step back away from the individual, if you feel like your personal space rights are being violated.

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The "arse kisser"

This takes us back to the days of the “Teachers pet.” There is always one who knows how to suck up to the boss and get away with murder! This work mate will stop at nothing to score some extra brownie points from the management.

Advice Learn a few facts about the boss to be able to have friendly chat when around this type of work mate, to not feel left out. Depending on your level of pride, you could always try to "sweeten up" your boss by offering to do the coffee run.

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The envious one

This type of person becomes over ridden with envy to see others do well. These workmates are often false and find it very difficult to congratulate others.

It may be necessary to carry "The evil eye" (picture featured) with you to work in order keep away these bad energies.

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The Gossip knows everything about anyone and makes it their mission to share the wealth with those who will listen, voluntarily or not. Gossipers are sneaky and can adapt to any situation in order to extract information.

Take care with gossipers, you could end up falling in to a trap. The best advice is to stay away from gossip and remember the saying "Gossip ends at a wise persons ear"

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The loud mouth

Yes, this refers to talking overly loud. The one who never pipes down, who allows everyone to hear about his or her weekend, love life, kids, last night’s dinner etc without shame.

Advice There is no other approach for “The loud mouth” but to be taken aside for a few words to explain that they are being an embarrassment. This does put you at risk of being the one who becomes the shoulder to cry on, but could be worth taking one for the team.

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The workmate bully is not similar to those from school, who took pride in public humiliation. In the workplace, the bullies have authority and use it as a weapon. The bully is the most annoying of all as they often can’t be avoided and could play a part in how you are perceived by others.

Advice Don’t be afraid to give back to the bully. Don’t show that they offend you and don’t engage in pointless arguments. Be witty and respond with smart remarks, or choose to walk away.

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Mr hot stuff

This type of workmate is inevitable and there seems to be one in every establishment. The one who believes he is the stud from the Diet coke advert. However, in reality this scene is only in his mind (and sorry but this workmate is nearly always male). In reality the stud is nothing more than a misguided, highly sexually charged individual with teenage behavioural traits, often with an awkward sense of humor and inappropriate comments.

Advice Don’t encourage their behaviour by laughing along, a jab to their ego normally helps to bring them crashing back down to earth.

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Silver spoon syndrome

These characters are usually spoiled rich kids. It is due to their privileged backgrounds and family connections, they can walk in to a position straight after university. It's common to come across a workmate with prime position and countless perks simply because they knew (or are related to) someone at the top. These people feel entitled to a certain level of authority in the office and have no remorse about flexing their arrogance.

Advice Try to find a common interest. Whether or not you actually share her passion for polo or his love for stamp collecting is irrelevant, finding common ground could help to loosen things up and create a better working environment. Make the most of the fact that this individual is well connected and could be useful in the future.

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The email menace

This type of work mate is often mild mannered and inoffensive in the real world. However, once behind the keyboard they become the most influential, powerful and humorous mind to ever grace the Internet. This person communicates in an entirely different manner in the cyber world, growing more unmannerly with every exclamation point.

Advice These people are wimps hiding behind a screen who feel a sense of power via the cyber world. If you encounter problematic emails from these types of people, I suggest that you confront them face-to-face and watch them squirm out of the situation.

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The anti social eater

Many annoying habits fall in to this category, including chewing gum, crunching crisps and gulping loudly. One of the top of the listers being those who have anti social lunch boxes; reheating fish from the night before at up to 300 degrees Celsius or leaving curry smells which hang around the office for the following few days.

Advice Stop what you are doing and use subtle looks to indicate that the individual is making an anti social noise and it has been noticed.
To tackle the problem of strong smell, it is vital that set of shared rules are put in place in your establishment, clearly banning fish and other foods with strong smells.

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The overly competitive

Always looking over your shoulder to see what you are doing and making comparisons. You will find that this type of workmate often talks about the latest promotion or wants to know what you earn!

Advice Don’t share information with these workmates, they are highly competitive and could use information against you or to get one step ahead of the game.

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