Bizarre beauty hacks that actually work

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Do you really believe you need a lot of money to look beautiful? Get that myth out of your head! These simple and inexpensive tips will show you how little it takes to look your best. From talc for better eyelashes to storing your nail polish in the refrigerator, anything goes when it comes to looking pretty.


Avoid mascara smudges

To avoid mascara smudges, place a small plastic spoon on your eyelid when applying it. That way, the excess make-up should stick to the spoon and not to your skin.

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Puffy eyes

To reduce puffy eyes, cut two potato slices and place them on your eyelids for ten minutes. Potato starch has anti-inflammatory properties that will cool your eyes and help with the swelling. Once the potato has gone dry, you can remove it and place a new slice until the swelling subsides.

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Fruit salt facial mask

If you are in dire need of a facial mask but lack the appropriate beauty products, you can use effervescent fruit salts instead. These antacid and digestive chemicals will work on your face the same way they would on your stomach and intestines: they will wash acids and oils away, and additionally cure any imperfection on your skin. Just put 15 gr (2 tsp) of fruit salts in 100 ml (1/3 cup) water and spread the mixture on your face.

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Coffee for cellulite

If you find that your legs are suffering from cellulite, try rubbing coffee beans mixed with exfoliative cream on the affected area. Caffeine stimulates the skin cell's growth while polishing cream gets rid of the dead skin.

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Mayonnaise for your hair

Need a hair treatment to moisturise your hair? Try mayonnaise. You should apply it to the tips, avoiding contact with your scalp, and let it set for 20 minutes. Wrapping your head in cling film and applying heat with a hair-drier will yield even better results. If you don't have mayonnaise, you can try out mixing avocado with olive oil and apply them the same way.

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Bubbly nail polish

If your nail polish bubbles up when you try to apply it, you might have left it in the sun or in a hot place for too long. Put it in the refrigerator. The cold should restore its original texture.

Avoid blisters on your feet

Do your feet blister every time you wear new shoes? Apply Vaseline on the areas where the blisters appear. It will reduce friction and save you from the discomfort of walking with blistered feet.

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Remove glitter nail polish

Glitter nail polish can be very difficult to remove. If you are having a hard time, try this: dip a cotton ball in acetone, wipe it over your nails and wrap them in some aluminium foil for five minutes. You should be able to remove it with a dry cotton ball, glitter and all.

Dry your nails quickly

Are you running late and still need to paint your nails? It's happened to us all, don't panic. To avoid smearing nail polish all over the place, once you're done painting them, dip your nails in cold water for three minutes. They will come out perfect, don't worry. You can also try putting your hands in the freezer for the same effect.

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Extra glitter in your eyes

Spread a bit of clear lip balm in the corner of the eye to give your eyes some extra shine. Use a neutral colour of lipstick and avoid lip gloss, since it can clog your pores and get the area sticky.

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Beer, the key to a perfect hair

Alcohol will remove anything that may have accumulated on the surface of your hair. After washing your hair as usual, dry it with a towel, apply a bit of beer with your hands and massage. Cover your head with cling film and leave it on for five minutes. Rinse and enjoy.

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A spoon to arc your eyelashes

To make your eyes look bigger, let go of the curlers and use a spoon. If you want a better result, heat it up with hot tap water or a hair dryer. With the concave side up, hold the edge of the spoon to the the edge of your eyelid and use your middle finger to press your lashes against the bottom. Apply mascara to get the full effect.

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Toothpaste for pimples

If you have a date or simply don't tolerate the idea of ​​having a pimple on your face, apply some toothpaste on it. Toothpaste has astringent qualities, which will remove impurities from your skin and get rid of any bacteria present in the area.

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Remove frizz

If you have frizzy hair, get a paper towel or napkin. With one hand, grab a strand of hair by the tips. With the other, grab the tissue paper and rub it up and down the strand. This should straighten your hair. As this is just a temporary solution, if you are having a very frizzy day, take several napkins with you.

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Tea for sunburns

You've spent a beautiful day on the beach but it's already dark and you've started to feel the sunburn's itch. Taking a tea bath should relieve the feeling of most mild sunburns. Tea contains tannic acid, which has a soothing effect on the skin, it removes the burning sensation and helps with the healing process.

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Natural highlights with lemon

Lemon juice contains an acid that naturally lightens your hair. If you want a better effect, mix the juice with hot water, place the mixture in a clean and empty spray bottle and spray it on your hair. Keep in mind that lemon will get your hair very dry too, so you'd better use some kind of moisturising treatment afterwards.

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Avoid lipstick stains on your teeth

A very good way to avoid this common problem is to rub the insides of your mouth with your finger. After applying lipstick, put your index finger inside your mouth and rub it along the inner edge of your lips. The excess pigment should stick to your finger while keeping your teeth spotless.

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Talc for incredible eyelashes

Before applying mascara, dip a cotton swab in talc and spread it on your eyelashes, especially on the tips. Mascara will stick to them better and your make-up will last much longer.

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Fun and easy manicure

If you want to paint your nails professionally without leaving your home, you should use your imagination to come up with creative designs. To do a French manicure, put a thick rubber band just below where you want the line to end and apply your favourite nail polish. For a dot pattern, punch some holes on a sticking plaster, apply it on your nail and then spread the nail polish over it. To make stripes, grab some adhesive tape and cut it to the size you wish.

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Gentle hair removal

When shaving with a razor, instead of using soap or bath gel, apply hair conditioner to the area you want to shave. This will soften your hair and bring the razor to slide more easily.

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