Acceptable items to donate to The Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army provides support to needy families, elderly people and the homeless. The charity accepts both monetary donations and clothes or household goods at its network of shops across the UK. All donations should be in good working order so that The Salvation Army can resell them or give them directly to people who can use them.

Household appliances

Appliances such as ovens, washing machines and refrigerators are important to running a household, but they can be expensive if buying them new or used from a shop. The Salvation Army sells these items at a low price to families and individuals who have limited income, and accepts these items as donations, as long as they are in working condition.

Children's clothing

Families living in poverty face extra costs in the form of caring for children. Just keeping growing children in clothes that fit can be difficult. Children's clothing donations to the Salvation Army allows them to sell or give children's clothing to families in need.


Larger shops accept furniture, such as beds, sofas, kitchen tables, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and cribs. Furniture donations can be very important because they provide needy families with the items they need to furnish their homes.

Household goods

Household good include kitchen items such as crockery, glassware and utensils. They also include other items found around the house like towels, blankets, lamps and curtains. Though used, donated household items should be clean and in serviceable condition.

Men's clothing

The Salvation Army accepts men's clothing including shirts, trousers, coats, sweaters and jackets. Suits are also useful for smart occasions and job interviews.

Women's clothing

Useful donations include blouses, boots, bras, hats, skirts and slacks. As with men, women going for interviews need business or business casual clothing, therefore trouser suits and handbags are useful donations.

Miscellaneous items

Other items useful for selling in charity shops include books, CDs, computers, printers, luggage, stuffed animals and vacuum cleaners. These are items that, though they might be taken for granted by most families, will be valued by families who have less money.


Though in-kind donations make up the stock The Salvation Army's shops, monetary donations are also appreciated. Money donated to The Salvation Army can be used to make additional purchases or to fund outreach programmes.

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