The Best SECC Seats

If you are visiting Glasgow, Scotland, the Scottish Exhibition Conference Center provides a beautiful, state-of-the-art showcase for public events, conferences, and concerts. Try to catch a show there; visit their website to see what is coming up and be directed to ticket sales.

Before you buy a ticket, though, make sure you examine the seating plans to determine how good your view will be.

Clyde Auditorium

The auditorium is the large, multi-tiered venue showcasing the big conference programs with over 3,000 seats. There are four sections of seating: stalls (closest to the stage), front and rear circle (both on the second level of seating), and the gallery (the third level of seating). During an exciting concert or speech, people may stand, so the flatter, floor-level stall area may not be as good a choice as the tiered sections.

The left and right stalls include rows B-Z and the centre stall from A-AA. Seats will be numbered from stage left to stage right across all three stalls, with centre stage being right around numbers 26-28.

Front circle rows are labelled A-N, and the rear stall continues with P-AA. The gallery holds rows A-J. On the sides of the upper stalls, you will find wheelchair platforms 1-9.


SECC's five halls each provide a different style of seating arrangement. The largest hall, Hall 4, usually houses the complex performances and has two levels of seating. Double letter sections, AA through MM, are at floor level, with GG, HH, and JJ being in the front centre. Single letter sections A-R are tiered seating above the floor. For both levels, rows are lettered from A onward, and seat numbers start at the stage left of the individual section and run to the right.

General Tips For Choosing Seats

Check for aisle number seats for your row if you think you may have to leave during the performance. Keep in mind that, while rows A-D in the stalls may be closest to the stage, there is a chance of obstruction by the stage construction, equipment, or bodyguards.

These seating arrangements may be changed to accommodate production requirements. Inquire as to specifics for your intended show.

The Best Seat

Choosing your seats will be done by individual preference, thus there is no way to determine which seats are the best. Obviously, seats closer to the stage will offer a better view of the details of the performance, and seats closer to the centre line a better overview of everything going on. Floor or stall seats will be closer, but you run the risk of not being able to see over the heads of those in front of you. The first couple rows of each tier may have balcony railings blocking your view.