What are the best scanners for drawings and watercolor art?

academy of fine arts image by Dmitry Nikolaev from Fotolia.com

Pencil drawings and watercolour artwork require a specialised type of scanning. Different needs dictate the scanner needed for a particular project. Scanning watercolour artwork is difficult as it contains much white space which tends to reflect back light during the scanning process.

Colour pigments are transparent and also reflect light. Achieving a high quality scan of watercolour artwork is hard to achieve. Choosing the right scanner can help prevent loss of colour and quality in the finished product.

Epson Perfection V37

Oversized artwork of all types can be easily scanned with clarity and detail with the Epson Perfection V37. It features an optical resolution of 4800 dpi. This versatile scanner has features that are easy to use and as of September 2014 is priced at less than £77 making it a good choice for drawings and artwork.

Canon CanoScan 5000F

The Canon CanoScan LiDE is a small multipurpose scanner that has a transparency adaptor built into its cover. It is operated with one-touch buttons that allow the user to scan, scan to Acrobat file or e-mail. It can produce a watercolour picture or drawing that is clear and distinct. This flatbed scanner features 4800 dpi, is fast and simple to use. The price ranges between £59 and £350 depending options.

Xerox 7600i

This scanner is USB powered and features 1200 dpi resolution. It is ideal for scanning any page or document and works especially well to produce a quality reproduction of watercolour art or drawings. It features 1200 dpi resolution for high quality scanning. It is priced at just under £53.

HP ScanJet 550C

Scanning artwork and drawings is easy with the HP ScanJet 550C due to its simplified features. It features an automatic feeder that enables the user to scan several items in a short amount of time. Quality can be maintained with the touch of automatic selection buttons. A finished scan of watercolour drawings illustrates the vivid colours of 2400 dpi resolution. This scanner is priced at or about £195.

Microtek ScanMaker 6800

This multipurpose flatbed scanner has been produced with high technology features. It utilises five one-touch buttons and has a built-in transparency adaptor. A flexible template improves its scanning utility. With 2400 to 4800 dpi, the finished scanned product features vivid colours for watercolour art and coloured drawings. The price is approximately £260.

Epson Perfect 4490

This 4800 dpi scanner is designed to produce high quality finished products with ease. It works well for scanning different types of artwork including watercolour art and pencil drawing. The colours are vivid and clear with no smudging or blurring. The Epson Perfect 4490 is priced at about £113.