Popular fragrances of the 60s

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The 1960s were are time of change from the old styles of parents to newer and often scandalous styles of the younger generations. Among the changes that were made during the 1960s were the fragrances that were popular. According to Fashion Era, the 1960s was a time that the masses started to buy perfumes and fragrances at stores. Fragrance Direct states that the style for fragrance during the 1960s was light scents.

Madama Rochas

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According to Fragrance Direct, Madama Rochas was a popular scent during the 1960s. The website describes the perfume as a heady scent. The Fragrance X website describes the scent as a floral fragrance and continues to report that the recommended wear of the scent is for romantic situations.

Je Reviens

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Je Reviens by Worth was initially launched during the 1930s as a floral fragrance. The fragrance was light and a mixture of flowers and fruits. According to Fashion Era, the fragrance became popular during the 1960s era of light scents.

Chanel No. 5

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Chanel No. 5 has been a long time favourite scent. Originally launched during the 1920s, the scent's popularity continued throughout the 1960s. The scent is considered a timeless classic that is associated with elegance. According to Fashion Era, it was still one of the best selling perfumes during the 1960s.


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Topaze by Avon was a perfume launched in 1959 that became a popular light floral scent of the 1960s. The floral scent derived from items like coriander, sandalwood and lily was a light fragrance ideal for the preferred scents of the 60s.

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